Media Price & Evaluation

The evaluation is where we examine your media . Once the media comes at our lab, our team of experienced experts & devoted experts execute a thorough research of the issue and publish a extensive lab report along with a company quotation. There is no cost for the evaluation of your media. The service expenses is at the least Rs. 500/- & above. We give the estimates depending on time & efforts. We don’t cost anything if details is not recovered. We have a accurate plan that –if we do not recover your Data– we do not get paid. This plan guarantees that we execute at the biggest high end to accomplish effective results. Our objective is to be a cost-effective solution for any details storage space media failure.

Payment is made for effective recoveries only. This is a great way to see a business presentation of our data recovery skills and abilities. Evaluation relies on the media and the issue, but usually includes technical diagnostics, developing a industry duplicate of the media, and evaluating details reliability. Evaluations start within 12-24 hrs from enough time you provide it with to us . We know that the most precious commodity in business is some time to we value yours .

We aim to get your data back again quickly, usually within a range from 1-5 days based on conditions & the level of the damage of media. We will not execute any tasks on your drive without your permission. Most of all we will not void warranty on any of your media. Sai Sales Infotech will tell you of what will be done and what has been done.

If you have any queries you can reach us at our office number or mobile & speak to one of our technicians.. or email us at

SOUNDS TO LISTEN FOR Crashed Hard Drive?

It can be alarming to hear strange noises coming from your hard drive. Below are a few examples of noises that could lead to or be caused by a hard drive failure. This is not meant to be a self diagnosis tool, just a simple way to let you know that Eco Data Recovery is capable of rescuing data from drives that suffer from each of these failures.

If your drive is making any of these sounds or any uncommon noise, TURN IT OFF and disconnect it immediately before there is any further damage. Fill out our Online Quote Form for a free quote that could save your valuable data.